Coming to Holy Cross

The day I committed to Holy Cross I had never stepped foot on campus, I hadn’t even been to Massachusetts before. I spent 3 months defending my decision to people who thought I was crazy for going so far away from Texas. I began to question my own choices but regardless I got on a plane to Massachusetts at the end of August. The night before move-in day I slept all of 3 hours a combination of excitement and nervousness keeping me awake. I kept asking myself “What if I got on campus and it wasn’t at all what I expected?” The next morning as my Mom and I drove through the front gates of campus I knew I had made the right decision. Now over a month and a half into the school year, this decision has been even more reinforced. The professors are amazing and the classes are rigorous and I feel myself being challenged and getting better every day. My peers are fantastic, they come from all walks of life all over the US and world and they are truly passionate about whatever they are studying. Looking back, I realize I should’ve gotten a lot more sleep before move-in day because Holy Cross has exceeded my expectations.